Farrar, Straus, and Giroux 2006
Written and illustrated by Barbara McClintock

“Simon, please try not to lose anything today,” Adele begs her little brother when she picks him up after school. Easier said than done, as forgetful Simon leaves his books, hat, coat, and more at stops along the way home. What makes spotting these tiny lost items an even more intriguing challenge for kids is the amazing milieu: early 20th - century Paris. Award - winning artist McClintock creates a breathtaking world where jugglers perform in front of Notre Dame, children watch a puppet show in the Jardin du Luxembourg, and the legendary Edgar Degas helps Simon look for the crayons he lost in the Louvre. It's a world where readers themselves can happily get lost. ( Ages 4 to 6 )

*New York Times Best Illustrated Book award
*New York Times Notable Book citation
*New York Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing
*American Library Association Notable Book award
*Child Magazine's Best Children's Book Award
*Publishers Weekly Best Picture Books of the Year list
*Amazon 10 Best Picture Books of the Year list
*Connecticut Book Award
*British Fantasy Award

“[An] instant classic. McClintock's illustrations.... evoke the world of children's books our grandmothers handed down, by Randolph Caldecott or Emile Gaillard.”
The New York Times Book Review

“Simon is a lucky kid - and so are the ones whose parents share this lovely book with them.” — The Los Angeles Times

“McClintock scores a double coup, creating a must-see for francophiles and an engaging hide-and-seek game for homebodies.” — Starred, Publishers Weekly

“ enjoyable as a chocolate croissant.” — Starred, Kirkus Reviews

“McClintock's beautifully restrained use of color may evoke a long-ago time, but her compositions are so dynamic there's always something for contemporary children to discover.” — Starred, Booklist

“A beautiful example of bookmaking, with plenty to charm children, this is a visual delight.” — School Library Journal

“With it's cozy flavor and many minutiae to discover, this will be especially nice to share one on one.” — Horn Book

“Parents will hunt for excuses to borrow this one.” — The St. Louis Post Dispatch

“The story is droll, the pen-and-ink drawings, glorious.” — Entertainment Weekly

“McClintock's story is fun to read, and her illustrations, rich with autumn colors and scenes, make this book a standout.” — Scripps Howard News Service

“The illustrations are nonpareil.” — The Miami Herald

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