Here are a few comments about Barbara's presentations:

“Even though we have had many positive experiences with visiting authors and illustrators, I can't help but agree with one teacher's comment: ‘She related to the students better than any author I've seen.’ Barbara tailored her presentations very well for our different age groups (K-5). I heartily recommend Barbara as a visiting author/illustrator for other schools.”
Janice Floyd Durante
Lower School Librarian
Westtown School, Westtown, PA

“Our school has a long history of hosting authors and illustrators. We had the pleasure of hosting Barbara McClintock, and I am delighted to say that it was one of the best author/illustrator visits to date. Her powerpoint relating her life as a writer/illustator and influences is a perfect way to document the writing/illustration process. She is also very warm and friendly and she engages easily with the audience. She also changed her talk to reflect the ages of her students. Many parents made a point of stopping in the Library after her visit to tell me that their children talked about Barbara's visit.”

Deborah Abner, School Librarian
William H. Lincoln School
Brookline, MA

“Barbara presented her story of writing and illustrating children's books to our Town Hall Lecture Series. We couldn't have been more pleased with Barbara's presentation. She was a delightful and accomplished speaker. Our 1100 patrons thoroughly enjoyed her speech. Barbara is a pleasure to work with and we were definitely honored to have her as our guest. We would highly recommend her as a speaker, A plus!”
Linda Lamb
Town Hall president 2009-2010
Town Hall Lecture Series
Fargo, North Dakota


I love speaking in schools, libraries, and yes, even to adult groups!

To book an author/illustrator visit with me, contact

Barbara at the LibraryMy usual presentations are 45 minutes in length. For school groups, I generally give three 45 minute presentations in groupings of similar grade-levels. PreK-Ks, 1st and 2nd grades, 3rd and 4th grades groupings, or variations on those combinations work well for presentations.

And I would do almost anything for a tuna salad on whole wheat sandwich for lunch!

My presentations are lively and involve audience participation. I have a power-point presentation, and I draw - a lot - as I talk.

My school presentation is about how I drew as a child, and my school and home experiences evolving around growing up as a young author/artist. I draw and tell a story that I leave unfinished and give to the students as a 'gift' to finish.
I talk about ways of interpreting stories - I write out a sentence, and with Barbara McClintock keynote presentationsuggestions from the students, find a variety of ways to illustrate the sentence. And I leave time at the end for Q&As.

I'm going to Tokyo in November for a book tour/book signings/ school visits/ library presentations.. One of my books is a best-seller in Japan, and I have a dozen books in print in Japan. I'm looking forward to including photos and talking a bit about children and reading in Japan in my presentation.

I'm happy to work with your school to tailor my presentation to fit your school's curriculum studies or interests. I will also craft presentations to fit single keynote presentations, adult workshops, and panel discussion presentations.


Please contact me at for pricing, to answer any questions you might have about my presentations, and to book a visit.