Crown Publishers 1989
Written by James Duffy
Illustrated by Barbara McClintock

“Watch out for the Christmas Gang, May Gray,” warns Chief Inspector Flaubert of the Paris police.
For years the mysterious group of thieves has plagued the city at holiday time But who could imagine that the youthful new detective, May Gray, dressed as Santa Claus to deliver gifts to an orphanage, would be mistaken by the thieves for one of their own?

So begins the story of May Gray's first big case as the only female member of the police department.

It is a story of mystery: Who are these Christmas thieves, and how do they succeed in robbing wealthy Parisians year after year? And it is a story of challenge? Can May Gray, with the help of her loyal partner Roland, outwit them at their own crafty game?

In this sequel to THE REVOLT OF THE TEDDY BEARS, James Duffy's gentle spoofing humor is perfectly complemented by Barbara McClintock's sprightly illustrations.
(Ages 6-12)