Scholastic Press 2003
Written by Jim Alyesworth
Illustrated by Barbara McClintock

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl names Goldilocks, who was very, very good, except that sometimes she forgot to do things that her mother told her to do. Yes she did!

So begins this new rendition of a favorite tale about a feisty little girl whose irrepressible curiosity leads her into more trouble than she's bargained for. Jim Aylesworth's warm and compelling storytelling combined with Barbara McClintock's glorious and witty illustrations will hold the youngest listeners spellbound through reading after reading.
And on the back cover, there is a Mama Bear's Porridge Cookie recipe, just right for little cooks.
( Ages 4 - 8 )

*A School Library Journal Best Books
*A Publishers Weekly Best Books
*Named as one of 8 picture books in Booklinks's list, Lasting Connections
*A NY Public Library's 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing

“The team behind THE GINGERBREAD MAN sinks their teeth into this traditional but never dull retelling of a classic. Goldilocks may have the thick blonde curls and voluminous rose-pink dress of a doll, but her untied shoelaces, fierce eyes, and predatory smile suggests a certain willfulness. Together, [Aylesworth and McClintock] makes this classic tale a staple for nursery shelves. — Starred, Publishers Weekly

“Aylesworth's text is faithful to the traditional elements of the original juicing up the plot with folksy, conversational asides. Goldilocks, not the bear family, is the focus of this retelling, and both author and illustrator imbue her with plenty of spunky charm...At once antique and immediate, this Goldilocks will sassily invite herself onto library shelves everywhere. — Starred review, School Library Journal

“Is there room for [another] version of Goldilocks? Yes...[this book is] delightful and will attract [its] own audience.” — Booklist

“Aylesworth turns the traditional, all-in-fun nursery tale into a coy lesson. McClintock is ideally suited, of course, to illustrating the...story: her characterization of the Three Bears is on a par with the animal portrayals of Wallace Tripp...” — Horn Book

“This new rendition [of Goldilocks and the Three Bears] gives the classic tale a fresh shot of charm...McClintock's finely detailed illustrations have a 19th-century feel, classic but not stiffly formal. A witty alternative to Pawul Galdone's primal version.” — Kirkus

“Alyesworth and McClintock wholeheartedly hark back to tradition in their retelling...[this] version will delight the traditionalists.” — New York Times Book Review

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